A Shaman's Shaman
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A Shaman's Shaman was the first part of episode two of season one of the Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series). It was paired with The Gift (Episode).


The episode begins with Tak being hoisted up, and carried away, while being cheered by the Village. But, Jibolba wakes him up, and is requested to make rain for the crops. When this fails, a new Shaman, Traloc appears, offering help. Traloc makes the village better, and every time he uses magic Jibolba sneezes. Jibolba is soon out of the picture. Traloc takes Tak under his wing. He proves to be a fraud when it's discovered he was using Ginto Powder to manipulate Tak's magic, which Jibolba had an allergy to. Traloc is overthrown just as the village was building a temple in his honnor. A cliffhanger was established at the end when he said he would be back, and he would be mad. He would not reappear.





This episode featured Traloc, who was named Tlaloc in the games, who was the main antagonist. Both characters used a form of Dark Magic for their powers.


  • Despite Traloc saying he would be back, he would not reappear in the Television Series.