Ambush Grove is a challenge in The Great Juju Challenge. It is a rainy landscape, and it is nearly all on large trees. The level has numerous Rokkers, and many serve as mini-bosses. The level is long, and features many paths that must be taken to get back to the original path to advance. In the end, after lighting a Torch, the entire room breaks apart, and it is a large lava pit. Around the pit are four Cannons, and behind the pit is an unreachable portal out. In the lava pit, three Lava Rokkers appear, and they keep coming after each is destroyed by a cannon. The three attack by dancing in the lava, which shoots lava out of the ground by the cannons. After a long string, the Rokkers stop coming, and a path is made to the portal.

On a return visit (After visiting The Gates of Nocturne and Caster's Hill), Crug can be found collapsed with a hammer. Crug begins to speak, and he says that he is trapped under a dead, invisible lizard called The Seven Headed One. Tak and Lok rolls the beast off, and Crug gives Lok The Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju for him to use. After this, Crug leaves and is never seen again.



  • Mammoths