The Amulet of Champions (also called the Amulet of the Champion) is a special amulet that was originally owned by Lok. The Amulet gives the holder a speed and power boost while at full health. After Tlaloc turned the village into sheep, the amulet was the only way of distinguishing Lok from the other sheep. However, it is revealed to be Tobar instead. After, Lok is resurrected, Tak is given the Amulet to acess areas protected by the Seal of the Champion[1]. The three locations protected are the Chicken Temple, Sun Temple, and Mountain Top North. Here, Tak must hit a Gong to gain access and get the Moonstones.


  • In the game manual and when standing next to a gong, the Amulet is called the Amulet of Champions. However, Jibolba and Flora both call it the Amulet of the Champion.


  1. Mentioned only in Game's Guide


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