Aurora Juju, as seen in "Destiny Schemstiny".

Aurora Juju is the mother of Tak in the Tak Television Series. She is very beautiful and bares a VERY close resemblence to the Moon Juju. Her powers are unknown but possibly vary as widely as Tak's.


Aurora Juju

Aurora Juju, from the back.

is a very pretty and mysterious Juju. She has curly blue-purple hair with a tiny bun in the back, aqua skin, and dark green eyes. She wears a Magenta Greek-like dress that curls on the bottem. She seems to be some sort of bug Juju, seeing as how she has a gloworm-like bottem half, glowing pink antennae, and purple dragonfly wings.


According to Darkness Juju, he and Aurora Juju were engaged to be married. They were in love with each other, but Aurora fell for a Pupununu man and had Tak in the process. After Darkness learned this, he ordered the other Jujus to never help the tribe, out of anger. Aurora is assumed to have great power because she created Tak's Power of Juju crystal, that Darkness was after throughout the movie and the time he was together with her.


Aurora's wheareabouts are unknown to even Darkness Juju. Tak's Father's whereabouts, and real identity, are also unknown to even the Pupununu people. It is theorized that the couple could've met an untimely death, had someone put Tak at the shrine for Jibolba to find, and was never heard from again. However, during the movie, "Destiny Schmestiny", it can be theorize that she might still be alive and in hiding as Darkness Juju believed that she had returned to him.


  • The picture above is a scene from the TV movie, which shows a fake rednition of her used to fool Darkness Juju long enough for Tak to defeat him. Seeing as how he recognized her right away, it must be what she really looks like.