Baby Rhinos (properly Baby Rhinoceros) are the baby versions of Rhinos introduced in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge. They are about one-fourth the size of normal Rhinos, and they have short, smooth horns. These factors make them impossible to ride, or attack enemies with. Despite this, they are needed, as putting a screaming Baby Rhino next to a sleeping adult Rhino will wake up the adult. This would allow the Rhino to be ridden. After this, the Babies are useless, as the Rhino will not fall back asleep. Either Tak or Lok can pick up Baby Rhinos to carry, but Lok is more efficient, as he can jump and hold the baby, when it is on a platform. Plus, Lok sometimes is the only one that may reach a Baby Rhino. After Lok gains his Stink Power, he can wake up Rhinos that way, making Baby Rhinos useless.