Black Mist

Bartog (right) with Crug (left)

Bartog is a great Warrior of the Black Mist. He competed in The Great Juju Challenge in Team Black Mist with the Shaman Crug. He is a tall, blueish man with a mask covering half of his face.


Bartog is a brutal evil man, that makes fun of other competitors, especially Tak and Lok. After the first Proving Grounds, Team Black Mist was eliminated. But, the Two-Headed Juju revealed that they had messed up the scoring, so the Black Mist was back in. but he also stats the black mist help him figer out the real score impling they tricked him. After the next Proving Grounds, they are eliminated again. But, it is revealed that Team Grammazon teeth were left on The Salt Lick of Performance Enhancement, meaning they cheated. So the Black Mist were back in.

Before the next challenge, Tak and Lok overhear Bartog and Crug talking with a Mysterious Juju. During the next Proving Grounds, Team Black Mist actually wins. thaw both lock and tak angerly sware theres no way they earned a score that high. Now down to just Team Black Mist and Team Pupanunu, Bartog and an odd looking Crug talk about burning and enslaving the Pupanunu Village when they win.

On a trip back to The Gates of Nocturne, Tak and Lok find Crug. He reveals they had been using the Dark Juju to cheat, by hypnotizing the Two-Headed Juju, and planting the Grammazon teeth. After the final challenges, the final Proving Grounds match is played. The Dark Juju reveals himself, and announces his love to the Moon Juju. Dark Juju cheats throughout the match, sending the game into triple overtime. In the end, Tak and Lok win, and Bartog is not seen again.