Bears are an animal found in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. Tak can use the bears to advance in his adventure. Bears spend most of their time lying under the hive of bees. They catch honey in their open mouths. Bears hate the smell of skunks and stinkweed. Tak can drive them towards beehives with the smell. He can also jump on their plump bellies to reach new heights.


Bears are navy blue, tall, and have long snouts. They have distended stomachs which are bouncy like a trampoline.

If Tak was to jump on a bear three times in a row (without landing on the ground), the bear would get angry and throw him.


Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams


  • Bears will also hurt Tak if he attacks them.
  • They first appeared in the Tak 2 level Wetstone Lake.
  • If Tak jumps from a high height onto a bear, he will be launched heigher as a result.