Belly Juju

Belly Juju

Belly Juju is a Juju introduced in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. He is a big, fat, purple Juju, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, and his hair is pulled up. The head of the Belly Juju cannot talk, but only can make noises, and it can cry. Only the belly can talk. The Belly has a very distinguished deep voice. So the belly controls everything. The belly once made the comment that the belly had brains while the head did not. Belly Juju is constantly hungry and can eat with the mouth on his stomach. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Tak 2: The Staff of DreamsEdit

In the second game of the series, this Juju is the first seen, but his appearance is brief. He appears in the second level, Wetstone Lake. He first is summoned to get pass a rock wall. The Juju throws a Boom Dust Barrel at the wall, and when Tak asks for a boat to get down river, he says that first Tak must get him some more Juju Candy. When Tak brings the candy, he is forced to feed the belly and then Lok show up. While feeding Belly Juju, Tak asks for a boat. The Juju throws Tak in a barrel, and is thrown in the river. Belly Juju then demands Lok feeds him. While Lok feeds the Belly, he chokes and falls, and Lok looks around, and says, "I'm, uh, goin' in!". Belly Juju is not seen or mentioned again in the game, leaving his fate temporarily unknown.

Tak: The Great Juju ChallengeEdit

In the third game of the series, Belly Juju reappears, meaning he did survive the ordeal. He is now just mainly seen in the background, but at one point he comes and gives Tak and Lok more Health. Other than this, he can be seen in the audience of the Proving Grounds matches.



  • Belly Juju is seen as a parallel to the Two-Headed Juju. Both technically have two heads, each with different personalities. Both are also fat Jujus, and both are an unusual color, green and purple, respectively.
    • Two-Headed Juju is not seen in Tak 2, possibly meaning Belly Juju was going to replace Two-Headed Juju.