Big Boss Brawl
Season 1
Episode 7a
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Our Favorite Juju

Big Boss Brawl was the first part of Episode 7 of Season 1 of the Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series). The episode was paired with Our Favorite Juju.


The Chief is showing Jeera how to run the village. He tells her all the secrets to being a good chief for the villagers. Suddenly, the Bulldrafish Juju appears, and tells the villagers that the Big Boss, a creature made of Rock and Fire, has returned and must fight the Pupununu Chief. The Dragon then tells him that if not fought, the world would end. Tak then decides that he must train the Chief to fight. He summons Pugnacious Juju to train him. After this fails, Tak and Keeko make a Chief out of stone, but it runs away when he realizes that he must fight the Big Boss. With no help left, Bulldrafish takes the Chief, Tak, Keeko, Jeera, and Zaria to The Juju Realm. Jeera then comes up with an idea, she will give Tak the Chief Crown, and Tak will fight. After Lok starts the fight, and the Big Boss quickly squishes Tak. The Chief then comes, a makes a big speech saying why he should fight. But, the Chief quickly realizes that the Big Boss will attack anyone wearing the Crown. Suddenly everyone from the stands start taking the Crown to confuse the Big Boss. then the Big Boss gets the Crown on him, and starts destroying himself. Lok is enraged, and wants a rematch, so the Chief puts the Crown on Lok, and the Big Boss gets back up, and squishes Lok