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Chicken Island, as it appears in game.

Chicken Island
is, as it's name suggests, an island inhabited by Chickens. But it is more than that. Its inhabitants also worship Chickens. They dress like chickens, and the guards attack any intruders that are not chickens. There is also a Chicken Island West, which is on the west side of the island, and on the east island is the Chicken Temple, which contains a Moonstone.





When starting out, there is a plant directly to the right of you, with a ram guarding the first platform. Throw the sheep up to distract the ram, then jump over to the plant. This is the first area where the plant's use thier vines against you after one hit. They will spin it around once they suffer one hit. This is an extreamly devastating attack. After the first plant is defeated, the second is directly west of the way you come in. Behind a chicken guard, there is a small beach with an Orangutan. Launch over to the next set of islands and defeat the second plant. The third plant is directly east of where you start.There are three banana trees with a melon patch above a small lake. The orangutan here is already at the correct tree, so just launch to the platform. Becareful of the water gysers, as they can push you off. Once you get pass the first few gysers, you will have to jump across more platforms to get to the plant at the far east side of the area. Once that plant is defeated, you can return to Tak's Village, as there is nothing else you can do here until you return for Yorbels.