Concept Art is an extra feature in the Tak Games. Concept Art is mainly the drawings that were originally made by the creators which featured characters or locations. Concept Art can be a simple pencil drawing, or it can be a colored work of art. Concept Art can reveal original character and location designs, and it also can show things that did not make it into the game (some of which are included with later games).

Concept Art in the GamesEdit

In Tak and the Power of Juju (Game), Concept Art is unlocked by collecting all twelve Magical Nubu Plants, only nine of which are needed. Here it can be accessed by the Extras section of the Game's main screen. Here it is a slideshow of many bits of Art. Also, after the game is completed, Concept Art is shown during the credits.

In Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams, Concept Art can be unlocked with the Universal Card. Here a combination of 30 Bugs, 37 Crystals, and 51 Fruit. Once again, the art can also be seen during the credits.

In Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, Concept Art is unlocked through the Universal Card, but the art is dived up by category. They are Juju Concept Art, Vehicle Concept Art, and World Concept Art. Also, the art is viewed during credits.

In Tak and the Guardians of Gross, Concept Art is unlocked from earning all medals in a level. The level that the medals are earned, is the art that will be unlocked. There is no Concept Art during the Credits.

Concept Art CodesEdit

Tak 2Edit

Bugs Crystals Fruit
Concept Art 30 37 51

Tak 3Edit

Bugs Crystals Fruit
Juju Concept Art 33 22 28
Vehicle Concept Art 11 55 44
World Concept Art 83 49 34

Guardians of GrossEdit

Type in the Cheat Codes Section: FRIVERS

Concept Art ExamplesEdit