Black Mist

Crug (left) with Bartog (right)

Crug: "Imagine that! Me, the Great Shaman of the Black Mist! I can turn Toads into Women!"
Lok: "WHOA! We gotta check that out!"
―Crug to Tak and Lok after being betrayed.

Crug is the Shaman of The Black Mist. He was a competitor of The Great Juju Challenge in Team Black Mist with Bartog. He is a small grey man, with long, purple hair.

History Edit

Crug originally was mean to all other competitors, calling them losers, especially to Tak and Lok. After the first Proving Grounds challenge, They were eliminated. But, after the events, Two-Headed Juju reveals that they had accidentally under scored them, allowing them to compete further into The Great Juju Challenge. As the challenge progressed, Tak and Lok witnessed a conversation between, Bartog, and an unknown accomplice. After the second Proving Grounds challenge, they were once again eliminated. However, at the Pupanunu village it was revealed that the Grammazons had cheated by placing their false teeth in The Salt Lick of Performance Enhancement, disqualifying them and re-entering team Black Mist. After the fourth Proving Grounds Challenge at the Pupanunu village, Crug's accent had changed to french, and he was seen flirting with the Moon Juju, with her claiming he had seemed familiar. As the Great Juju Challenge was ending, Tak and Lok has found Crug tied up in one of the realms, upon being freed, he reveals that Team Black Mist had allied themselves with the Dark Juju, who, along with Bartog, had abandoned Crug due to his lack of skill. Angry about his betrayal, Crug offers to help Tak and Lok defeat his old team and tells them to meet him in the Casters Hill challenge. Once there, he reveals to them that a secret area known as Ambush Grove contains the Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju. Crug goes to retrieve it. Once Tak and Lok arrive, he is seen on the ground with the Ancient Hammer, explaining an Invisible Lizard Demon had been guarding it, which he had battled, ending with the creature falling over him upon defeat. After Tak and Lok free him once more and take the hammer, he tells them to go and defeat Bartog and Dark Juju. He then says he'll go home and find an attractive toad to transform. It it unknown whether if he is still a member of the Black Mist tribe after the events of The Great Juju Challenge.

Personality Edit

Crug is rude and egotistical towards all his opponents and is shown to be interested in intense themes such as Rock and Roll. He barley plays fair and cheats in every single Proving Grounds challenge hes involved in. He can be cooperative as shown in his brief role as a player for Team Pupanunu.