Dark Juju

Dark Juju, about to challenge Tak and Lok to a final Elimination Round.

For the Television Series version, see Darkness Juju.

Darkness Juju (real name Travis) is an evil Juju that wants to control the Moon Juju. He is revealed to be helping Team Black Mist in The Great Juju Challenge. Bartog and Crug wanted the Moon Juju to destroy other villages, but Dark Juju wanted her for her love. Dark Juju is voiced by Dee Bradly Baker.


Dark Juju appears as a portly Satyr (Mythical Goat Man) with purple skin and dark purple facial hair. Dark Juju has hairy arms and chest hair. Along with this, he has a matching Mustache and Beard. He also has a French accent.



In his past, he has been obsessed by the Moon Juju. He has been trying to win her favor presumably for more than 60 years. At one point he was place on house arrest, and is supposed to have a tracking collar.

Great Juju ChallengeEdit

In the most recent Juju Challenge, Dark Juju was helping Team Black Mist. First he put a spell on Two-Headed Juju to change the scoring, so they would not be eliminated. Next he planted Grammazon teeth in the Salt Lick of Performance Enhancement, so they would be eliminated instead. Then, Bartog and Dark Juju ditched Crug, and the Dark Juju disguised himself as Crug. It is not until the final Proving Grounds match until he finally reveals himself, and vows to defeat Tak and Lok at once. After two rounds, the Moon Juju stops his cheating, and in the final round, Team Pupanunu wins. It is unknown what happened to him after.

In the Nintendo DS version however, instead of a Proving ground match, Dark Juju change into a devilish-genie like form, triggering then the final fight.

Television SeriesEdit

In the Television show, Dark Juju is renamed Darkness Juju. Along with the name change, he has grown to enourmous size and rules over the Juju Realm with an iron fist. His voice also has changed as well, losing the accent. Despite this, Darkness Juju's overall appearance has gone unchanged as well as his love for the beautiful Aurora Juju, who bares a striking resemblance to Moon Juju.

Darkness Juju only appears in the TV Movie, Destiny Schmestiny.