Tlaloc: "You can't hope to defeat me, boy. You are no champion, you simply do not posses the power."
Tak: "Bring it on Old Man!"
―Tlaloc and Tak talking before their fight.

The Dark Temple is Tlaloc's Fortress, and possible home. The level is full of several magic plants, and one massive magic plant. As Tak kills these plants, Tlaloc would turn Tak into an animal. Tak would have to find his way to the next tier, before Tlaloc defeats him. In the end, Tlaloc turns Flora into an Orangatang. Flora sends Tak into Tlaloc's big plant, where he gains mega power. Tak then uses his magic to turn Tlaloc into a Sheep. Then Flora launches Tlaloc into the big plant, which explodes, shooting Tlaloc off far away. Flora returns to normal, and she and Tak walk off, singing and dancing their victory. The game is over.


As you fight your way through Tlaloc's Nerbils and magic plants, use the the power of the Spirit Rattle to reverse Tlaloc's spell and save the tribe. The first step is easy, just use your Spirit Rattle to kill the small plants. Tlaloc will turn you into a Chicken. Run on the narrow platform, avoiding the holes. If you make it, quickly get out the Blowgun start shooting the plants in the air. If you were fast enough, you would not have to fight Nerbils. Tlaloc will turn you into a Rhino. Here take it slow, as it is easy to fall. You will now be on the final area. the plants are shielded. Stand by them, and Tlaloc's blasts will break the shields. After this use the tree to go into the big plant, and you will gain much magic. Use this to turn everything into sheep. Pick up Tlaloc and throw him to Flora. You just beat Tak and the Power of Juju.


  • Once you enter, you can not leave until you defeat Tlaloc.