For the Juju in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, see Dark Juju.

Darkness Juju is an evil Juju and ruler of The Juju Realm in the Television Series. He rules the realm with an iron fist. He appears the same as his inspiration, Dark Juju from the third game. He is shown to be in love with the Aurora Juju, who is Tak's mom. He also tries to get Tak's gem in his staff, the Power of Juju.


Unlike the game, Darkness Juju is enormous, and he no longer has his french accent. However, he still looks like a purple Satyr (half man-half goat) with a large mustache and beard.


  • Part of the Darkness Juju that is like the Dark Juju, is their love. Dark Juju loves the Moon Juju, and Darkness Juju loves Aurora Juju, who is the television series counterpart to the Moon Juju.