Debris Juju from Guardians of Gross

Debris Juju (Pronounced Duh-BREE) is a Juju of trash exclusive to Tak and the Guardians of Gross. Tak is sent to find Debris and the other three Guardians of Gross to stop the four Big Gs that Tak let out. Debris knows about Trashthulu, and tells Tak how to defeat him. But, Tak must first defeat her in Tiki Shoot, a mini-game. When she is defeated, Tak is awarded Lumpy Magic to defeat Trashthulu. When Tak leaves, Debris comments that Tak is cute for a clean thing.


  • If you look close enough, Derbis Juju has 6 fingers on each hand.
  • She has a design and personality similar to that of Zaria.