Dinky Temple is a special level exclusive to Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. The temple is shown in front of a magic rift. The temple is actually a set of columns, each getting tiny and tiny, until the top is reached where Dinky appears. To play, choose 1 or 2 players, do Dinky challenge or free play, select a character, and a game. From start, there are only Tak, Jibolba, Flora and a few games, but much more can be unlocked using Recipe Cards. The goal is to reach the top of the temple by winning games.


Available from StartEdit



Available from StartEdit

  • Phoenix Fight
  • Sandboard Trick Score
  • Snowboard Race
  • Mummy Shuttle
  • Feather Frenzy


  • Balloon Head Showdown
  • Barrel Blitz
  • Catapult Chaos
  • Chicken Tennis
  • Dart Tomb Dodgem
  • Flea Flyer
  • Frog Derby
  • Glide Ride
  • Gloomleaf Arena
  • Krash Kourse
  • Snowboard Air Time
  • Vine Climb


  • Some mini-games used locations and concepts from the original game.


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