Dream Fortress is a location in Tak 2. After canoeing Rift River, Tak comes on a circular platform with six magic symbols. Here, Tak and Jibolba taunt Pins and Needles. They use the rifts on some magic symbols to attack, coming out every often for attack. Then they release Nightmare Creatures, which then leaves them open again. Finally, they come out of rifts with clones that explode, unless Tak hits the right one. Once they are defeated, Lok and Dead Juju finally catch up. Lok grabs The Staff of Nightmares, and accidently gives it to Tlaloc. While Lok, Jibolba, and Dead Juju fight Nightmare Creatures, Tak chases Tlaloc into Tlaloc's Sanctuary.



  • This is the last location in Tak 2 in which you can save your game.