Dream Guardian Art

The Dream Guardian was a large creature in the Dream World shown in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. He guards The Staff of Dreams, the Dream World, Dreams, and the Nightmare Creatures. He is a fearsome creature, and has the power to launch magic to attack. Despite his realitively small wings compared to his size, he can fly.

Tak 2: The Staff of DreamsEdit

The Dream Juju sends Tak through the Dream World to defeat the guardian, take the staff, and rescue the princess. As Tak goes through the Dream World, the Dream Guardian sends a variety of creatures to stop him. As Tak gets closer to his tower, Nightmare Thorns start appearing, which represent the Guardian's power. Tak has to destroy these to advance. After a long trip, Tak finally meets the Guardian. Tak must run up a long spiral staircase that the Guardian starts destroying. Then when back on the ground, the Guardian swoops down on him, and Tak tangles his wings up, and the force of the Guardian falling breaks the floor away. Then Tak and the Dream Guardian fall for a long time, with the Guardian attacking Tak, but then the Guardian hits the floor, and Tak broke his fall on him. Tak grabs the Staff of Dreams, but then the Dream Juju reveals to be Tlaloc, and the princess turns out to be Pins & Needles. Tak and Needles struggle for the staff, breaking it into two pieces, and Needles opens a Riff that the duo escape from. After a long chase, Tak fights Tlaloc for the other half of the staff. Tlaloc and Tak both turn themselves into creatures that resemble the Dream Guardian and fight. After Tlaloc is defeated Tak restores the Staff into one whole piece. But, as Tak turns around the Dream Guardian is there, and Tak returns The Staff of Dreams, and apologises for the fight, and the Guardian opens a riff for Tak to leave in, and the Dream Guardian presumably returns to his duties.