Dream Juju

Tak standing before the Dream Juju

The Dream Juju was a Juju introduced in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. The Dream Juju existed only in the Dream World, and knew the lands by heart. In the begining, the Dream Juju guided Tak through the Dream World on a quest to rescue the princess from the Dream Guardian, similar on how Flora had done in Tak and the Power of Juju (Game). Later on, Tak and Jibolba finds Jibolba's brother JB and ask him about the Dream World, as JB studies dreams. Although, JB had never heard of the Dream Juju, so Tak is sent by JB into a deep sleep, so Tak could defeat the Dream Guardian. When the Dream Guardian is defeated, the princess turns around to thank Tak, and it is revealed that the princess was no more than Pins & Needles, and the Dream Juju, changes and turns how to be just an illusion made by Tlaloc, still in his Sheep form. After this the Dream Juju is not seen again, as he did not actually exist.


  • It is evident that the Dream Juju was Tlaloc, as he sounded exactly like Tlaloc, and he would have say a long A when saying Tak, similar as how a sheep baahs, as Tlaloc was still stuck in Sheep Form.