Dryrock Canyon is a mesa located outside of the Pupanunu Village. To get here, anyone must go down a tram which takes you deep in the mesa. Once here, it is noticeable that the entire area is abandoned, overrun by animals and Nerbils. The cacti are also deadly, as they launch small bombs, which is part of the reason why the people left. Deep in the canyon, there is an old abandoned city, which has been blocked by a Wooden Barrier, but a Rhino can destroy these. Once in the back, there is an Emu, which can be ridden to find hidden Yorbels, and a bag of Everlasting Fire Acorns. On another end, there is a waterfall that takes Tak to the Sun Temple. To get back from these places, there are Warp Zones that take the user to the tram.


Tak is sent here on the trail for Magical Nubu Plants. Here there are 3. Once Tak gets these 3 plants, he can return to the Village. After he gets 9-12 plants, he is sent on the quest for 100 Yorbels and Lok's Spirit. There are 15 Yorbels here. Tak can also summon Two-Headed Juju to access the Dryrock Caverns which contains 24 Yorbels. After he collects 100 Yorbels, Tak is sent to get 3 Moonstones. To get one, Tak must go through Dryrock Canyon to reach the Sun Temple, where a Moonstone lies deep in.