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Fauna from Tak2

Fauna is a Juju who is Flora's sister and the Moon Juju's second daughter. While Flora is calm and well mannered, Fauna is the wild child of the family. Also, Flora is kind and sweet, while Fauna is mean and agressive. Fauna is the Juju of animals. She is voiced by Candace Bailey.

Tak 2: The Staff of DreamsEdit

In Tak 2, Fauna appears with Flora to give Tak the ability to morph into an animal. The two of them argue which animal Tak should be and gave him the power to turn into a Bear or Squirrel. She then appears with Flora in the next level to give Tak the choice of a Frog or Boar.

Tak: The Great Juju ChallengeEdit

Fauna appears again, mainly in the background of cutscenes of the Proving Grounds fights. But, she does appear to eliminate Team Grammazon from The Great Juju Challenge. She and Flora are also sent by the Moon Juju twice to give Tak and Lok more Mana to help them in the challenge.


  • When Fauna first appears in Tak 2, Tak already knows who she is, as he calls her Fauna as soon as she is summoned.
  • Flora and Fauna share Juju Shrines, probably because they are sisters.
  • Once unlocked via reicipe card, Fauna is a playable character in the Dinky temple's mini-games.