Feathercrag (called Feathercrag: Tutorial in-game) is the tutorial level for Tak: The Great Juju Challenge. Here, Tak and Lok chase down a Phoenix to get its feather, so they can compete in The Great Juju Challenge. Throughout, they learn how to use powers, and do many things, so they can succeed in the challenge. They do this by fighting Woodies, and solving puzzles. In the end, they almost catch the Phoenix, but Bartog and Crug catch it first. However, Lok is able to get a sole feather.





  • This is the only place in Tak 3 where Woodies can be fought.
    • This is also the only place where Snakes are found in the original game series.
  • Unlike the other levels in the game, this one cannot be replayed, as it is not part of the Challenge.


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