Fish are animals that live and breathe in water. They are small, but fat, half-green, half-red fish with a white underbelly. Fish have a small role in the series, but they do have a role.


In the original game, Tak is sent by Caged Juju to get a Rhino, Sheep, an Emu, and a Fish. All these animals are found around the area in Mountain Top. To get the fish out of the pond, Tak must throw a Coconut in the pond, which explodes the fish out. He can then pick it up and bring it to the Juju. In the second game, a fish is briefly seen. When Tak goes and gets Juju Candy for the Belly Juju, he comes back, and the Juju is cleaning himself with a fish, which he throws in a river.

In the third game, Fish have their biggest role. In the game, Lok reveals he cannot swim because the fish attack him. Tak convinces Lok to jump in, and as he sits there, some fish start surrounding him. They all attack at once, and nearly drown him. For the remainder of the game, if Lok goes in the water he is drowned (unless he is wearing a Lobster Suit). So, the duo must find ways around this.


  • In the Kiro Biro challenge, if Lok falls in the water, the Alligators do not attack him (like they do to Tak), but the fish do.
  • They resemble the real world Sockeye salmon in color, but do not resemble any other real world fish in shape.