Flying Nerbil

A Flying Nerbil

Flying Nerbil were a variation on the Nerbil Enemies. They are a darker yellow color, and have large bat wings. They are the same size as the basic Nerbils, and were just as strong, and required the same amount of hits to kill. They made a fast screaching sound similar to the other Nerbils, but it was more distinct. They first appear in Upper Tree Village, the higher and more challenging portion of Tree Village, and would appear on and off afterwards, with an abundance located in the Sun Temple, Mummy Tombs, and Dryrock Cavern. They would tend to come fast, and would cause many problems for Tak. Their Nerbil Nests would hang upside-down which would be hard to destroy. One of the best ways to take them down is to use the Spirit Strike Juju Power, which could take down the Nerbils, and the Nest.


  • These Nerbil are very bat-like, as they have bat wings, and their nests hang upside-down similar to how bats hang upside-down.