Gates of Nocturne is a level in The Great Juju Challenge. The level is set in the Dream World, a location from Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. In the challenge, Tak and Lok must traverse the extensive lands of the Dream World. Although nice and bright in the beginning, mid way through, the level becomes dark and evil, just like in Tak 2. Unlike the Dream World in Tak 2, this is full of Rokkers, and only one type of Nightmare Creature, Imps. Although, these Imps are in cages. Also, in the Dream World are Feathers, not Mana Spheres.

If Tak and Lok come back before the final levels, they find Crug in the Gates. Here, he reveals he and Bartog have been using the Dark Juju to cheat. He tells Tak and Lok about The Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju. He leaves, and tells them where to meet him.





  • Although being a part of the Dream World, there are many notable differences. Among these are the Rokkers and Rhinos (possibly to fit for the challenge), and the Feathers (in Tak 2, there were only Mana Spheres).