Greenheart Forest.

Greenheart Forest is a location in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. It is a ancient forest with huge towering trees. This level introduces many new features, including new animals and features. This level also shows the return of Lok, who causes more problems than he solves. At the end, Tak is beaten by Woodies and enters Tower Approach.


The forest has many tall trees that tower far overhead. These trees are used as part of the environment for Tak to get around. There is also a number of zip-lines and pools of water. The level introduces Woody Shaman as an enemy.

There is a Juju Shrine in the forest which Tak uses to summon the Mind-Reader Juju who gifts him the Bolas.


After he wakes up at the end of Bedlam Falls, Tak must make his way through the forest towards his ultimate goal of the Planetarium. After finding the Tiki, Tak is tasked with finding three magical stones. When found, Mind-Reader Juju creates Bolas so Tak can cross the chasm.



Juju scrolls









Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams


  • This level introduces Boars and Beavers.
  • It is unknown how Lok got there. This begins a long chain of his magical reappearances.
  • It is revealed that Lok stole from Tak, insulted some girls, and did some thing horrible to his puppy. Not only that but he cries when no one is looking and misses his mommy.
  • Mind-Reader Juju appears to have no idea of what to do with the bolas, and only gets the idea of using them for crossing the chasm after Tak suggests it.
  • This is the only level that is bordered by dream levels.
  • Lok attempts pole-vaulting the gorge, but falls (and somehow survives). This could be a reference to Tak's pole-vaulting, acorn-shooting staff from Tak and the Power of Juju.