The Guardians of Gross are a set of four Jujus with some gross powers. Each of the four Guardians know how to defeat their own of the Big Gs. Each Big G is located in a Realm that they each control. Each of them have the same power that their respective Big G is made of. To stop the Big Gs, they can give out their power, but it does not come easy. They must prove themselves in a mini-game.


While cleaning the Spoiled Shrine, Tak breaks a large gem that releases four Big Gs from The Juju Realm. Jibolba tells him the four Guardians that he must see, and the powers that he must get from them. He sees (in this order): Debris Juju, Icky Juju, Melty Juju, and Stinky Juju; and gains (in this order): Lumpy Magic, Slime Magic, Cheesy Magic, and Stinky Magic.

The GuardiansEdit