Handy Juju was a Juju of tools. He was well known for his Ancient Tools, which nearly all were lost. The only remaing one was The Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju, which was supposed to be well hidden in Caster's Hill, but was moved to Ambush Grove. Handy Juju is never seen, but only mentioned by Crug. Crug talked about the many journeys that he went on with is ancient tools. It was also said that he traveled with the Phillip's Head of many legends.


  • There were no new Jujus introduced in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, it is unknown if Handy Juju is still around or alive, as Crug refers to him as of he was long gone.
    • However, in the Proving Grounds, there are a few unknown Jujus in the stands, one of which may be Handy Juju.
  • The Phillip's Head that Handy Juju traveled with is an obvious reference to the Phillip's Head Screwdriver.