Tak: "That's funny, your name is JB, and you're Jibolba's brother; they're the same initials."
JB: "That is my name, Jibolba's brother! Mother couldn't even think of a name for me."
Tak after first meeting JB

JB (literally Jibolba's Brother), is Jibolba's brother who was also a Shaman introduced in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. JB is an expert in both Dreams and the Dream World, but as he lives in a planetarium, he also probably studies astronomy. Jibolba and Tak go to him to find out about Tak's weird dreams, but when they reach his planetarium on Skyrock Crater, they discover he has been held up by Power Parasites, which have taken over his home. After they save JB, he sends Tak into the Dream World to finish his quest. But, after problems ensue, JB tells Tak how to follow Pins & Needles. JB is later seen in the background of a scene in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, but has no dialogue. JB hates his name, and says that he would even perfer to be called Dave. After this Jibolba starts calling JB Dave. JB is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


JB is slightly taller than Jibolba. He also has spiky, white hair on the sides of his head. It should also be noted that he has a british accent, unlike Jibolba. JB wears a dark tanned sweater and what appears to be a purple loincloth. Despite JB's sophistication, he's still barefoot like the rest of the cast.



  • JB Concept Art appears in the original game, along with the art for his Planetarium, indincating he possibly was intended for Tak and the Power of Juju (Game) or that he was the original design of Jibolba, and his hut. In the same concept art piece it shows JB with a kid named Orbie likely to be his apprentice or if JB was a early design of Jibolba, and Orbie could be an early design of Tak.

    JB and Orbie

  • JB's name forms a paradox. JB is explicity stated to be Jibolba's OLDER brother, which means his parent would have to expect to have another son who would be named Jibolba.
  • JB can be playable in Dinky Games via Recipe Card.