Jibolba's Cane
Jibolba holding his cane in Tak 3
Power Weak
Magical Abilities Throwing

Juju Powers
Other Powers

First Available Dinky Temple

Jibolba's Cane is Jibolba's weapon. There's not much info about the cane, but it is Jibolba's weapon in battles, since he has aged. His cane is also used to help him walk. In the Dinky Games feature, when Jibolba is selected, the cane is his only weapon, and it can also be used for magic.


At first the cane looked like a small piece of wood, but when it's transform into his second form, the cane is much bigger, taking the form of staff-club weapon.


The cane gives Jibolba much more power, such as jumping higher than a man in his age can. Even so, the cane is still a weak weapon as seen in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams, when Jibolba tired to assault an Imp very weakily, doing little to no damage in the progress.


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