The Juju Realm was a location in the Juju World, primarily shown in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge and the Television Series. The realm was were The Great Juju Challenge was held every 60 years, and it also held the Juju Bizaar where Tak would go a lot.


Tak: The Great Juju ChallengeEdit

To get to the Realm for the Challenge, contestants must get a Phoenix Feather off a Phoenix which Team Pupanunu and Team Black Mist bpth found at Feathercrag. In the middle of the Realm, there was a large pot with light emiting, where Blessing Gems could be mixed using Recipe Cards. Forward from that is the score board with the teams and scores, and under that is the entrance to the Proving Grounds. To the left is the first three portals, to the right is the next three. Behind the middle, is a arge spiral staircase going up a tower with the next three on top. Finally, on the back left is the final two portals to complete. The Realm has many floating torches, and floating platforms to walk on. There are also orbs of Magic flying around the Realm. For help around the Realm, the Host Juju tells Tak and Lok any hints or tips that they need to know about.

Television SeriesEdit

In the series, the realm is run by Darkness Juju with an iron fist. Tak repeatedly goes to the Bizaar which is in the realm. It is also mentioned that there are multiple realms, four of which held the Big Gs.


  • The Juju Realm was presumably in the Juju World, as it has many similarities, such as Greek-like temples and buildings, plus there are two large panets seen in the background, which is unlike the real world. Also, the Juju's all seem to already be there.
  • It is unknown how the contestants get to and from the realm, as after every Proving Grounds level, they are all back at the Pupanunu Village, where it is hosted, but then afterwards back to the Realm
    • There could be a portal to the Realm, as the Realm is full of portals to the Real World.


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