Keeko, as seen in the series
Gender Male
First Appearance Tak and the Power of Juju (Television Series)
Occupation Inventor/Hermit
Parents Unknown Parents (gone)
Friends Tak


Keeko Kekoon Naker is one of the villagers of the Pupununu Village. He's the best friend of Tak and Jeera in the Television Series. He has no parents and lives in a nearby cave from the Pupununu Village. His only memories of his parents is the song he whistles. He creates multiple inventions in the series and only a few of them have worked.


Keeko has messy black hair with blue highlights. He also has green eyes and a big nose, like many of the Pupununu people. He also has two big teeth that hardly can miss, a red necklace around his neck, and a green leaf skirt. Even thought Keeko may not be born into the tribe, he still bears markings like them on his face, leg, stomach, and arm.


Keeko is careless, laid back, and a Dreamer. Whenver Tak gets into shenanegans, you can bet Keeko is right there with him! Keeko can be stubborn when he's sure of something, but ultimatly will do what's right, like his best buddy. Keeko is also a Musician, playing and singing Jazz-style songs with his deep singing voice he triggers on sheer will. He's shown to be a Sculpter and a Builder in episodes like "Woodiefest", "Big Boss Brawl", and "Tak's Monster".

Role in the Television seriesEdit

Keeko is best friends with Tak and Jeera and usually joins Tak in his misadventures. Keeko mostly fills the role of the idiotic funny guy, but does show signs of intelligence on occasion.