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Lava Rokkers are enemies found during The Great Juju Challenge. First appearing in Temple of Light, Lava Rokkers appear inonly a few other challenges. They are the only Rokkers that are red instead of blue. They are bigger than the basic Rokkers, and have cannons for arms. They shoot streams of Lava out of their cannons, to hurt Tak and Lok. Once they finish firing, they are open for attack. Lava Rokkers have two Jewels which means they must be hit in two sets to break the jewels. They have their greatest challenge in Ambush Grove, where before you may exit, a seemingly endless stream of Lava Rokkers sit in a lava pit. They must be killed with the four cannons, and must still be hit twice. While this happens, they pound the ground a couple of times, and then lava shoots from the dround where either Tak or Lok are standing, usually the closer one will be hit. After they go away, a platform will rise, and the Warp Gate out opens up, back to The Juju Realm.


  • Lava Rokkers are the only Rokkers that are not a blueish color.

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