Lok's Spirit was the dead spirit of Lok stuck in a Spirit Balloon. Tak is sent to get Lok's Spirit after he gets the Spirit Rattle, and the Sheep trampled Lok to death. Jibolba tells Tak that to get the spirit, he must gain access into the Spirit World. Once Tak brings all the Mummies from the Mummy Tombs into their locations, he gains access into the Spirit World. Here, Tak must go through the dense fog and use Spirit Vents to turn into Spirit Form to get to Lok's Spirit. Finally, Tak gets overrun by three Giant Blue Nerbil. Once the Giant Blue Nerbil are defeated, the pillars rises and Tak can get Lok's Spirit. Once he gets to the spirit,  Tlaloc appears, and makes the way to get out covered in spikes and Air Vents. These are deadly and can pop Lok's Balloon. If Tak can navigate through, Tak returns to the village. Once he collects 100 magic Yorbels, Jibolba uses the Yorbels and Lok's Spirit to resurrect Lok.


  • When Lok is stuck in his balloon, his voice sounds as though he has inhaled helium. This is an obvious reference to helium in balloons.


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