Lok's Training is a training area located just outside the village. It was presumably constructed by Jibolba to train the warrior Lok so that he can fulfill the prophecy. The area has a wide variety of obstacles that teach the trainee how to properly interact with the environment and use their abilities to progress. Its first and only appearance was in Tak and the Power of Juju, serving as the tutorial level for the game.


After Lok is turned into a sheep, Jibolba sends Tak to collect nine Magical Nubu Plants to turn Lok back normal. But before doing this, Tak is first sent to the training grounds to train. Flora appears here and guides Tak throughout the level by teaching him how to use the controls and his abilities to navigate through a world. Such include the basic controls (jumping, moving the camera, etc.), how to interact with certain animals (the rhino, looptail monkey, orangutan, and ram), navigating the landscape (climbing on ledges, swinging on ropes, etc.), the use of particular objects (feathers, door switches, and throwing melons), and how to attack (particularly pots and Nerbils). Tak uses Flora's instruction to become familiar with his abilities and progress through the training level.

After he completes the course, Tak is sent to the village to begin his journey. The level cannot be accessed after completion.


  • This level holds numerous distinctions in the series. This includes everything from first level in the series, first tutorial level, and first Juju ever appearing, Flora.
  • This tutorial level poses many continuity errors, revealed as the game series progresses. If Lok actually trained here, a number of problems would exist:
    • First, there is a launching string of orangutans pulling back banana trees - in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, it is revealed that Lok cannot fling from trees due to his size;
    • Second, if so attempted, he will merely spin in the air and fall back to the ground;
    • And third, a small lake is present at the end of the string - if Lok somehow managed to be flung from the banana trees, he wouldn't be able to swim due to his tendency to draw in fish, which would attack and drown him, as revealed in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge.
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