A Magical Nubu Plant

Magical Nubu Plants were big, strong plants, found throughout nearby Villages. They have big heads, and long arms. They appear to be dead, until someone gets close, then they spring up and attack. They can attack by throwing small explosive coconuts, and they can also spin vines around their bodies. The weaker the Plants get, the faster the vines spin. After throwing so many bombs, they start to taunt. When they taunt, they can be hit for huge damage, instead of the little damage a normal hit does. Once they die, a small flower can be pulled from their mouths, which contain magic to do spells. There are three plants in four levels, making a total of 12 Plants.

Tak and the Power of JujuEdit

After Tlaloc turns everyone into Sheep, Jibolba sends Tak to get 9 plants to return the warrior Lok into human form. Tak is sent to the four places to get the plants. First, he goes to the Burial Grounds and gets the first three. Second, he goes to Lower Tree Village for the next three. Then he can either go to Dryrock Canyon or Chicken Island for the remaining three. When Tak gets 9, Jibolba turns the Sheep back to normal, except it is not Lok, it is Tobar. While Tak gets the Spirit Rattle, Jibolba restores Lok, but this is shortlived, as the Sheep crush him like a bug.




  • If all 12 Plants are collected, then Concept Art extra is unlocked.