Mana Spheres are special collectables that increase mana. These spheres have similar roles to feathers, in that they form a trail and give Tak mana. However, they are found primarily in the Dream World and sometimes in the real world where Nightmare Creatures inhabit. Like feathers, mana spheres also provide health, but not as much as mana. There are also large areas full of mana spheres, called mana fields, where Anglers and Shooters lurk. Anglers are invisible, but when Tak gets close, they eat him. Shooters are invisible, but when Tak gets close, they shoot golden cannons instead of eating him.


Mana Spheres are small yellow spheres, in varying sizes. The bigger they are, the more mana they give. There are also larger mana spheres that give Tak a temporary infinite amount of mana.


  • Despite a dream world level appearing in the third game, the creatures only give off feathers, not mana spheres.