The Moon Juju Interlude was a location in the Dream World in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. Tak is sent here by the Moon Juju, after he hits his head and knocked out while leaving Planetarium. The Moon Juju sends Tak here so that he can choose one Spirit Animal to help him on his quest. But, the Moon Juju disappears before telling Tak what the best animal is to choose, leaving Tak to decide. The whole level has three Greek-like platforms, with many more in the background. Two of the platforms have two animals to choose each. After Tak chooses an animal, he is transported into Pachyderm Shrine.


  • Despite the Moon Juju calling this the Dream World before disappearing, there is no resemblance to the Dream World, nor is the sides of the screen wavy like the Dream World Levels, although it could be between the Real World and the Dream World or between the Juju Realm and The Dream World.