Moonstones were magical items which were the source of the Moon Juju's Power. Without these Moonstones, she would become powerless. They were bigger than Yorbels, and have a swirling blue and purple color. During the first game, one of Tak's final quests is to get the three Moonstones

Tak and the Power of JujuEdit


A Moonstone

Before the events of the first game, Jibolba is named High Shaman of the Pupanunu Village by the council, over the darker Shaman Tlaloc. Outraged, Tlaloc, Pins, and Needles sneak into the Temple of the Moon and steal the three Moonstones. The Moon Juju becomes powerless, and Tlaloc uses the power to turn the Villagers into Sheep. Jibolba only had enough power to save a few. He then hid the Moonstones in three places. When the Warrior Lok is turned into a sheep, Tak is sent on a variety of quests to save the village. In the end, he is sent to get the three Moonstones at Mountain Top North, the Sun Temple, and the Chicken Temple. Once he returns the Moonstones, Jibolba restores power to the Moon Juju, and Tak is revealed to have fulfilled the prophecy, not Lok. Tak defeats Tlaloc, saving the Village.

Tak: Moonstone MadnessEdit

In this online game, Tak rides a Boar throughout four locations to get Moonstones. He must get a certain amount of Moonstones per level to advance. All levels have 100 Moonstones each, meaning there are 400 Moonstones total in the game. Seeing as the Moon Juju is not shown or mentioned, it can be assumed that these Moonstones have a different purpose, even though it is not stated what. These Moonstones are also smaller and have a different coloration.


  • The official website for the Tak and the Power of Juju Game states that there are 4 Moonstones to be collected. This could be an error, or imply that there may have been originally 4 Moonstones planned.
  • In the GBA version of the game. There was four Moonstones to collect.