Mountain Top was a faraway area in Tak and the Power of Juju. The entire area is the ruins of an ancient civilization, that has long been gone. The area is accessed by taking a Blimp from Upper Tree Village. The area is very hilly, as it is the top of the mountain, and contains many plants and animals. The area is completely overrun by Man-Eating Plant 2 and nerbils in a wide variety. The area connects to Powder Canyon and Mountain Top North.

Tak comes here on his quest for Yorbels. The area is full of problems for Tak. He can go for a while, but will run into problems. Once Tak finds a Tiki, he can summon Caged Juju. Then, Caged Juju requests he get a SheepRhino, Emu, and Fish for pets. After Tak collects these, Caged Juju gives Tak a Snowboard. From here he can go up the mountain higher to the lift to get to Powder Canyon. After collecting the Yorbels, and Lok's Spirit, Tak must get three Moonstones. He can return to Mountain Top and use his Amulet of Champions to access Mountain Top North to get the Moonstone hidden there. In the end, Tlaloc is turned into a sheep, and gets flung here surrounded by "loving" Ram





  • Despite being the Mountain Top, when taking the lift to Powder Canyon, you go even higher, up to a point where there is snow, so it technically is not the Mountain Top.
  • The Mountain Top is the farthest that Tak must travel to get to a moonstone location, as Dryrock Canyon and Chicken Island connect to the Pupanunu Village, and you must go through Upper Tree Village.