Mountain Top North is a location north of Mountain Top. It is a large area, full of puzzles that must be accomplished to access a small temple. To access, Tak must gain the Amulet of Champions, and hit the gong in Mountain Top. He then must go through a small temple. When he enters, he sees that Tlaloc have made the entire area a puzzle. Tak must turn a large rotating tablet, so that colors and animals on the tablet match. When they match up, a small building opens up, and a timer starts. Tak must race to the building and hit a button, which pushes up a platform to get to a temple. When he reaches the top of the temple, Tak goes through a long path, and is then meeted by Pins and Needles on flying stones. Tak must use a Dance, Dance Revolution type game to race Pins and Needles to a Moonstone.