The Great Warrior King with the Staff

The Great Warrior King is an old, deceased ruler of the Pupanunu Village. Little is known about his past, but he was a great warrior and a great ruler. After his death, he received a special sealed tomb in the Burial Grounds where he was put with the Staff of the Ancestors. During the events of the original game, Tak opens the tomb, and the mummified Warrior King rises. He tells Tak that if he wants the staff, he must fight for it. Tak grabs and takes the staff, which pulls off the Mummies arm and his "fighting hand". After this, he goes back into his casket. During the most recent Great Juju Challenge, the Great Warrior King is seen in the background of scenes. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.



  • In the credits of the original and third games, he is credited as Mummy.
  • In the GBA version of Tak: The Great Juju challenge, he is the boss of the Jibba Jabba Tribe. During the battle he'll throw his head at Tak and Lok, and when it comes back to his body thats when you attack him.
  • His speech pattern and voice is very similair to Karl Childers, the main character played by Billy Bob Thornton in the film Sling Blade. He even says "Mmmhmm" at the end of most sentences