Nightmare Creatures were a series of Enemies that existed in the Dream World, and were primarily featured in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams. They come in a wide variety of looks and styles, with nine different kinds total. They are all scary looking, reflecting on how they are the creatures from nightmares. While Tak goes through his journeys in the Dream World. The more he advanced in the Dream World, the stronger, and odder the Nightmare Creatures got. After Tak, Pins, and Needles break The Staff of Dreams, Pins and Needles start opening Rifts using their half of the staff, The Staff of Nightmares, to escape. Eventually, they use the rifts to bring Nightmare Creatures into the normal world, getting to the point where The Wanderlands are overrun by Nightmare Creatures, replacing Woodies. After the events of the game, a Dream World level, The Gates of Nocturne is a challenge in The Great Juju Challenge. Despite being in the Dream World, only one Nightmare Creature is found, Imps, the most basic of Nightmare Creatures. Possibly the strongest of Nightmare Creatures, the Dream Guardian protects The Staff of Dreams, and lives in his own tower.