Orangutans are large orange apes. They are also strong, and always hang by Banana Trees. Here they always grab a banana, which pulls the entire tree down. Despite their love of bananas, Orangutans will leave a tree if they are lured away by a melon. There is also one thing they love more than those two things, launching sheep from trees.

In the games, Tak use Orangutans to fly from one area to another by launching on trees. He also must use them to get sheep from one area to another. During The Great Juju Challenge, Tak and Lok must use Orangutans to get to more areas. However, Lok is too big to fly on trees, so he must find an alternative path.


  • If an Orangutan is hit by a Coconut, most of his fur flies off and they are shown wearing underwear.
  • If Tak hits an Orangutan, he will be punched, and pushed about 10 feet away, causing the Orangutan to either growl triumphantly or laugh.
  • If an Orangutan is hit by a Melon, it will shake its head.