Pins as he appears in Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

Pins is one of Tlaloc's two voodoo doll minions, along with Needles. He appeared in the first two games, assisting Tlaloc in his evil deeds. Of the two, Pins acts like the leader to Needles, but they both look up to Tlaloc. Seeing as Needles cannot talk, Pins does all the talking, and translates Needles' muffled speech. Numerous times it is shown that Pins and Needles do not get along, and tend to start to fight each other. Pins and Needles both appear to be immortal, as they are killed in Tak and the Power of Juju (Game) multiple times, but come back. However, when Pins and Needles are killed in the Dream Fortress, they do not appear again, possibly implying that they were killed for good. Pins, along with Needles, is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Tak and the Power of JujuEdit

Before the events of the game, Tlaloc, Pins, and Needles steal the Moonstones from their safe-keeping, to destroy the Moon Juju's power. After this, Tlaloc turns the villagers into Sheep. Pins and Needles are first fought in the Tree Village's Shaman's tree, for the Spirit Rattle. The entire battle is Tak, Pins, and Needles throwing Magic at each other until their heads explode. After Tak wins, he gets the Spirit Rattle. Later in the game, Tak must fight three more times for moonstones. Tak must win a dance off in Mountain Top North for a moonstone. Tak must fight them on Phoenix in the Sun Temple. Finally, at Chicken Temple, Pins and Needles come floating up on balloons tied to chickens. Tak uses a launcher to hit them with Eggs which pop the balloons, and after all balloons are popped, they fall.

Tak 2: The Staff of DreamsEdit

In the second game, the Dream Juju sends Tak to defeat the Dream Guardian, steal The Staff of Dreams, and save the princess. After Tak accomplishes this, the Dream Juju is revealed to be Tlaloc, and Pins and Needles were actually the princess in disguise. Pins, Needles, and Tak all struggle for the Staff. The Staff ends up breaking, with Tak getting the Dream Shaker, and Needles getting The Staff of Nightmares. The rest of the game is Tak trying to catch Pins and Needles for their half, by following them through Rifts. Tak finally catches up to Pins and Needles, and forces them to fight by taunting them. Through the fight, Tak must dodge their magic coming out of the rifts, then he must face off on the Nightmare Creatures they summon. After this, dozens of fake Pins and Needles come out of the rifts, with the real ones the real ones only need to be hit once, and they shrink until they are gone. Pins and Needles have not appeared since, possibly implying that they are done for good.