The Proving Grounds was a coliseum in The Juju Realm which held matches. The Proving Grounds can be accessed after completing all of a set of three challenges (in one instance two) in The Great Juju Challenge. Here the teams would battle each other in vehicles, with the goal to hit each other in the best spots to get points, and blow each other up. When they ended, the team with the least points would be eliminated. In total, there were four matches.



  1. Team Black Mist is eliminated, but they trick the Two-Headed Juju, so they are brought back in.
  2. Team Black Mist is eliminated again, but they place Grammazon teeth in The Salt Lick of Performance Enhancement, so they are eliminated instead.
  3. Team Jibba Jabba is eliminated.
  4. Team Black Mist is eliminated for good, leaving Team Pupanunu winners.


  • Flora does the countdown before the matches start.
  • Many unknown Jujus are seen in the stands, along with known Jujus.