Psychic Juju

Psychic Juju (the TV version of Mind-Reader Juju from the game series) is one of the many Jujus that Tak and the Pupununu village usually being summoned to assist them. He usually demands "SILENCE" when asked for advice. Psychic Juju will tell you anything you want to know, and he always believes he's right (even when he's not.) Sometimes Psychic Juju is hugely helpful with his predictions and mind readings. Other times, he's completely cryptic. And sometimes, when he's just about to give you the answer you're looking for, he'll forget to finish his sentence or rush off to another task, as he did in To Zaria with Love. His powers include mind reading, seeing the future, moving things psychicly, and throwing balls of purple fire. Psychic Juju is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.


Psychic Juju, as opposed to his game self Mind-Reader Juju, has not changed all too much. He still has a massive head, that red swirl on his forehead, and his goatee. The only notable differances are his voice, his accent, and his cloud of magic below his waist, which used to only cover a portion of his legs.