The Pupununu People's Prophecy was an ancient prophecy made long ago by the villagers and Shaman of the Pupanunu Village. It foretells that the Moon Juju, the kind protector of the Pupanunu people, would be weakened by Tlaloc, an embittered Pupanunu shaman, as he would turn the Pupanunu people into sheep as revenge for not being made High Shaman in favor of another shaman, Jibolba. The prophecy also mentions a Great and Mighty Warrior of the Pupanunu People who would restore the Moon Juju, defeat Tlaloc, and bring peace to the Pupanunu people.

Role in Tak and the Power of JujuEdit

In the beggining of the game, Jibolba tells a newly summoned Juju (the player) how the events of an ancient prophecy have become true. He then talks about the prophecy, and how could only save a few. But, he says that he has trained a warrior to fight Tlaloc. The warrior was Lok, but Tak, Jibolba's apprentice, reveals that Lok had been turned into a sheep. Tak is then sent to get nine Magical Nubu Plants to restore Lok. However, the sheep wasn't Lok, but his squire, Tobar. Tak was then sent to find the Tree Village shaman's Spirit Rattle. After this, Lok is killed by sheep. Tak is then sent to get 100 Yorbels and Lok's Spirit to resurrect him. After this is done, Lok develops Resurrection's Revenge. Jibolba then sends Tak to get the three Moonstones to restore the Moon Juju, while Lok prepares. When the Moon Juju is restored, she reveals that Tak has fulfilled the prophecy, not Lok. She then sends Tak to fight Tlaloc, and he succeeds. In later games, the prophecy is mentioned by characters when referring to Tak. After the television series came out, the prophecy was never mentioned again.