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Recipe Cards are special cards that give formulas for Juju Potions. Every Card gives the amount of Bugs, Fruits and Crystals needed to perform the potion. In the second game, Recipe Cards are in hidden locations, and given the nature of the game, if Tak misses a Card, he will not get it later. But, there is a Universal Card, which allows any amount of Bugs, Fruit, and Crystals to make a Potion. In the third game, the Cards are hidden, but more are found in Side-Quests. In that game, all Cards have Blessing Gems, and any other extras must be made using the Universal Card.


Tak 2Edit

  • Unlock Fauna for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Dead Juju for Dinky Games
  • Unlock JB for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Tlaloc for Dinky Games
  • Increase range of collecting Mana Spheres and Feathers
  • Unlock Game Music in Extras
  • Get New Particle Effects
  • Unlock Sound Effect Set 1 in Extras
  • Unlock Sound Effect Set 2 in Extras
  • Unlock Concept Art in Extras
  • Unlock Balloon Head Showdown for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Flea Flyer for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Tak 1 Opening Cinematics in Extras
  • Unlock Tak 2 Opening Cinematics in Extras
  • Unlock Catapult Chaos for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Spirit Animal Art in Extras
  • Unlock Snowboard Air Time for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Chicken Tennis for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Glide Ride for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Frog Derby for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Dart Tomb Dodgem for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Chuckin' Chickens for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Krash Kourse for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Barrel Blitz for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Vine Climb for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Gloomleaf Arena for Dinky Games
  • Unlock Commercials in Extras
  • Unlock Tak 1 Cinematics in Extras

Tak: The Great Juju ChallengeEdit

  • Obtain Blessing Gems (x19)
  • Get New Particle Effects
  • Get More New Particle Effects
  • Unlock Game Music Set 1
  • Unlock Game Music Set 2
  • Unlock Sound Effects Set 1
  • Unlock Sound Effects Set 2
  • Unlock Landscape Concept Art
  • Unlock Juju Concept Art
  • Unlock Vehicle Concept Art


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